Merry Christmas and a happy new Year wishs you the YUPO Team

2020 Calendar: Available now

You can choose between a wall planner in A0 or sticker in SRA3.

Window decoration for christmas season

Decorate your home or office with YUPOJelly window sticker and enjoy the resulting atmosphere in your Rooms. Christmas is coming soon !!

It´s beginning to look like christmas with YUPOTako

Get ready to decorate every inch of your home or office with Christmas Stickers. Because of ist adhesive-free microsuction structure, YUPOTako sticks to all flat surfaces and leaves no sticky residues upon ist removal. Enjoy it !!


More and more artists are discovering YUPO materials for their purposes and enjoy the different surface properties. The wide range of materials that YUPO has in its portfolio give the artists always new ideas to try new. Be it with oil or water based paints; The results are something to look at.