More and more artists are discovering YUPO materials for their purposes and enjoy the different surface properties. The wide range of materials that YUPO has in its portfolio give the artists always new ideas to try new. Be it with oil or water based paints; The results are something to look at.

YUPOTako Flex

Let yourself be inspired by the new YUPOTako Flex film. As the name implies, the material is much more flexible than its counterparts and offers even more benefits. YUPOTako in general YUPOTako films adhere through tiny suction cups on the back, which are modeled after the octopus. Thanks to these suction cups, the stickers hold […]

Swatch books

A pattern says more than 1,000 words YUPO Europe presents its products in a new and vivid way and shows new possibilities. We are pleased to introduce you to the 3 new sample books – because patterns say more than 1,000 words. The YUPO pattern books show the different patterns in the respective categories and […]

Shake it with YUPO

A good cocktail makes an evening perfect and unforgettable. However, the preparation of a tasty mixed drink should not be left to chance, but with the help of a cocktail book on a professional level. A cocktail book is not just a book that is stashed in the closet after a single read, but a […]


Printed mousepads with individual designs Whether as attention for a colleague or as a gift for yourself – mouse pads with motif are an eye-catcher on every desk. No matter which variant you choose – printed mouse pads will always make your computer work more enjoyable and keep your tabletop safe from scratches! Should the […]