YUPOTako Stickers in times of COVID-19

Stick your message clearly

In these difficult times, certain messages must be made loud and clear. YUPOTako stickers stick to any smooth surface such as glass, stainless steel, painted surfaces, etc., which makes it an ideal solution for doctors’ offices, hospitals, pharmacies, bakeries, drugstores or anywhere else where these messages need to be conveyed.
YUPOTako is a synthetic material made of polypropylene, which adheres to smooth surfaces with invisibly tiny suction cups on the back side without adhesive. Thanks to this unique technology, stickers made on YUPOTako will also not leave adhesive residue after removal. The suction cups can be cleaned with water, making them highly reusable.
YUPOTako is PVC-free and an alternative to classic floor film. A bubble-free installation can be realized by anyone and not only specialists.
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