Did you ever make the experience of creating a gorgeous poster,
hanging it outdoors and then finding it completely ruined by the rain?
With beautiful reproducibility and a toughness that will stand up
to the elements, YUPO performs both indoors and outdoors.
Its many different thicknesses and varied line-up make it
appropriate for many situations from lighting displays to storefront POS.

YUPO can be used for

  •  Outdoor Posters
  •  General Posters
  •  Indoor & Outdoor Billboards
  •  Backlit Displays
  •  POS, Catalogs
  •  Mailings
  •  Calendars, …

Why people use YUPO?

+ YUPO’s primary material is polypropylene.
YUPO has outstanding durability, water-resistance
and oil-resistance, protecting your valuable posters
against wind and rain. YUPO posters last a long time
and is PVC-free.

+ Distinguished Printability :
YUPO has strength, as well as beauty. YUPO’s
excellent printability includes outstanding reproducibility.
You will be astounded by the quality of your finished product.

+ Varied Line-Up :
Besides the opportunity of choosing the thickness,
there is also the degree of translucence, YUPO is ideal
for back-lighted advertising displays.
A whole variety of designs is yours for the choosing.


Items such as maps and restaurant menus that
pass through many hands tend to get wrinkled and
tear quickly. Even worse, if they make contact with water,
they can be ruined in an instant. YUPO is ideal for such
products, being both tough and aesthetically pleasing.
Even better, it can be repeatedly wiped clean when soiled,
making it a sanitary solution.

YUPO can be used for

  • Menus
  • Book Pages
  • Children’s Books
  • Book Covers
  • Book/Magazine Inserts
  • Guidebooks
  • Mountain Maps
  • Tourist Maps
  • Road Maps
  • Nautical Maps
  • Hiking Maps, …

Why people use YUPO?

+ Durability:
YUPO is primarily made from polypropylene,
a material of outstanding durability. Simply put,
YUPO material is highly resistant to pulls,
bends and shocks, making it ideal for applications
that require repeated use.

+ Easy-To-Wipe-Clean Surface :
After applying YUPO with coating varnish or laminate,
its printed surface will not fade even if wiped with a cloth
containing water, oil or alcohol.* YUPO can be used
in a sanitary manner. YUPO is ideal for menus,
where cleanliness and good hygiene is required for patrons.
(*Based on in-house evaluation by rubbing test)

+ Easy Disposability :
YUPO is made of an ecological
material that does not release toxins when incinerated.
YUPO is designed for safe disposability.


Do you know about the problems when to apply
large stickers for e.g. shop decoration? Bubbles and
wrinkles might appear, you need to pay an advertising
technician team, when taking it off again the surface
might be damaged or needs tough cleaning etc. …
No matter if cristal clear for window decoration (YUPOJelly),
long time adhesion on smooth surfaces (YUPOTako)
or short term usage on almost all flat surfaces (YUPOStatic) .
YUPO gives you perfect solutions when you want
to avoid the hardships of self-adhesive materials.

Why people use YUPO?

+ Excellent printing results,
easy handling, no experts needed, –

easy to apply, easy to remove, no glue remains,
reusable, PVC free and environmentally friendly,
100% recyclable

+ Gives you freedom of different choices
depending on the printing method
(Offset, HP Indigo, LFP, …).


For digital printing such as HP Indigo series,
UV-Inkjet and other inkjet machines, YUPO
can be the suitable choice for you. YUPOBlue
(YPI) which is certified at RIT for HP Indigo
provides you with excellent printability and is
able to match on-demand requests. YPI has
been used for manuals, brochures and many
other items you need by small amounts in short time.

FPU is the best substrate for UV Silk Screen
and UV Inkjet printers. FPU has been used for
various kinds of posters such as backlit posters
and in bus shelters. Grades for other inkjet
printers are also available.

YPI can be used for

  • Albums
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Labels
  • Manuals
  • Card Games
  • Book Covers, …

FPU can be used for

  • Outdoor / Indoor Posters
  • Banners, …

Why people use YUPO?

+ YPI:
Perfect for short-run and customized pieces.
No top coating required before printing. 100% waterproof.

+ FPU:
Suitable for outdoor use. – Superior water, chemical,
tear and phenomenal UV resistance. Suitable for Day & Night
back-light posters. – Higher opacity gives you sharp image
during day time (front light). – Higher whiteness.
Very Good ink adhesion.


You are thinking about labels?
Think about YUPO!

Our wide range offers you the possibility for
almost any kind of labels – there are no limits:
Food, Logistics, Drums, Plants, POS, Automobiles,
Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Wet glue,
Security/Tamper Evident, …

Why people use YUPO?

+ Beautiful Reproducibility :
YUPO is primarily made from polypropylene,
and it cannot only withstand water without
any worries but also guarantees bright and
colorful printing. Labels made of YUPO
will let your product shine in beautiful colours,
and its clear printing will ensure that
barcodes and other important information
are delivered faithfully. The wide range of YUPO
supports printing in flexo, letterpress, HP-Indigo,
Xeikon and other digital machines.

+ Outstanding Durability:
YUPO is highly resistant to pulls, bends
and impacts. Labels made from YUPO therefore
do not tear easily when peeled off.

+ Resistance to Oils and Chemicals :
YUPO’s strength is not limited to
water-resistance. Even when exposed to chemicals
such as acids, alkaline materials, organic solvents or
oils, a label made of YUPO maintain their quality,
making them ideal for labeling drums containing
oils and other materials.


What is YUPO’s IML?

A pre-decorating technique where a label
is placed in the open mold and becomes an
integral part of the molded object when bottle
is blow molded or container is injected.
Popular methods of In Mold Label are for
injected containers, using PP resin or sometimes
LLDPE; or blow molded bottles for HDPE,
sometimes for PP bottles. Another category is
called IMD for In Mold Decoration for durable
products, like chairs, tables, electronic appliances
and even mobile phones.


Why people use YUPO?

YUPO synthetic paper adds distinction
to your brand by offering you a durable label
substrate that prints beautifully, giving your
product a presence on shelves that never fades.
Trusting YUPO as your IML resource gives you
the benefit of having access to an entire team
dedicated to find the right label solution. Valueadding
benefits of YUPOIML include source of reduction,
because there is no release liner waste and no
need for adhesives. Its scratch- and scuff- resistant
properties ensure that your label stands out on
shelves and in the minds of consumers.